Private Music Lessons at the Kathy Fink Piano Studio

Private instruction is offered in piano at all styles and levels. Lessons are offered in blocks of 4 lessons at a time. When those lessons are complete, students may purchase another block.



My studio contains a Yamaha Baby Grand piano, Yamaha 103 Clavinova, desktop computer, a CD player and a digital recorder.  Most of my students engage in some form of ensemble playing, either at one piano or at multiple pianos.  This helps develop rhythm skills, listening skills and teamwork.  Ensembles perform at the semester recital and once a year in an ensemble program.


Computer Lab

Each week, students will spend 15 - 20 minutes in the computer/listening lab in addition to their private lesson studies. Software will include music theory, history and ear training plus music games and other special topics.  The lab work can be done before or after their private lesson time in the office adjacent to the teaching studio.

Why Private Lessons?

Private music instruction is an opportunity for an individual to learn a musical skill in a comfortable learning environment with a curriculum completely designed for them!  Students often have the same private instructor for up to 10 years, creating a teacher/student relationship unlike those in other school settings.  Private instruction is self-paced and goal-oriented music education. 

The Lesson

I work with my students to choose materials and methods that are appropriate for their age and match the learning style of that individual.  Younger students may require help from a parent, but generally the student is responsible for preparing for, and attending the lesson.  Lesson length varies from 30 – 60 minutes per week, depending on the age and level of the student. Students are expected to commit for the entire school year.  Early withdrawal must have extenuating circumstances and permission of the instructor. 


Daily practice is ideal in order to maximize the benefit of private lessons.  Obviously in today’s busy lifestyle, many students, both youth and adult, cannot find the time for daily practice. But a minimum of several good practice sessions per week at home are necessary in order to make sufficient progress.  Practicing should be goal-oriented as opposed to timed practice.  I work with my students to make their practicing both effective and efficient.  A good instrument to practice on is essential.  Proper posture, hand position and tuning are a must! 


The Magic Triangle : Teacher - Student - Parent 

For younger students, the relationship of teacher, student and parent is critical.  Regular communication between the teacher, student & parent helps the student progress and understand the expectations of both the teacher and the parent.  I use an assignment book to set the goals for the week.  These should be reviewed with both the student and parent so that everyone knows what is expected.  Parents who drop-off and pick- up their children without coming in to the studio need to make a point to call me for a progress report or set up a time to chat in person.  Parents can also arrange to sit in on an occasional lesson or a portion of a lesson to better understand the teaching process.  I am always eager to answer your questions and improve your experience here at the Kathy Fink Piano Studio!


Group Lessons  

Group lessons are a chance for students to practice performing in front of small audience in a more informal setting than a big recital.  Group lessons last for one hour. Other topics and activities can also take place at the group lesson including theory games, demonstrations and ensemble rehearsals.  The group lesson takes the place of the private lesson for that week.

Make-up Policy

Each student is allowed one make-up lesson per semester for a lesson missed due to illness or family emergency.  I must be notified by phone or e-mail by
9:00 am the morning of the lesson.  Other missed lessons may be made up or rescheduled at my discretion.  All lessons canceled by me due to bad weather, illness or other conflict will be made up or credited to the student’s account.

Performance Opportunities:

Performance can be scary, whether it’s for just your family or a larger audience.  At the Kathy Fink Piano Studio we believe that performance is a natural goal for music study and should be approached in a positive and encouraging way to ensure success and build confidence.

     Students are first introduced to performance in group lessons, where they work on preparation, confidence, stress reducing activities, bowing, memorization and self-evaluation. The other students in the group provide the audience and work together to encourage and support one another.

     The next step is the recital for family and friends. These take place in various locations depending on the type of recital and time of year and provide a goal for the semester of lessons as well as a way to share the student’s musical experience.

     High school juniors and seniors often give a private or small group recital that shows a larger repertoire than is possible in a semester studio recital. Students that enjoy performing more frequently may take part in our community outreach program. Students perform at area festivals, retirement homes, hospitals and private events.  Past performance venues include Wadleigh House, Bellamy Fields, Wentworth Douglass Hospital, Cocheco Park, Silver Squares, Wentworth Home, Cocheco Arts Festival, Apple Harvest Day and many more.


 Schedule and payments

This section is being revised. More updates soon!


The semester program consists of a 40 minute private lesson plus 20 minutes in the computer lab (total one hour at the studio)



Flexi-pass:  A four week flexi-pass is available for adults and high school seniors who need a flexible schedule and are willing to come in the mornings, evenings and Saturdays.  The cost of the flexi-pass is $150 for 4  45 minute lessons.


Summer Session: 



School year 2018/2019